A Blanket and Pillow for Jack

I made this pillow and blanket for a fantastic woman that I have met on Etsy, who also has a fun blog, its too bad that we don't live in the same city as I know that we would get along. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing what I've made!

Her son's name is Jack so we decided to have his name on the front of the minky blanket with some stripes.

And then a matching stripe on the pillow.

So bright and so fun for her toddler. Perfect for those afternoon naps. I hope he likes it, she told me that he helped pick out the fabric :)

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  1. So excited to have Jack's blanket and pillow featured here! I know he's going to love them as he is ALL CARS ALL THE TIME! Thanks so much for working with me on everything!! Now let's hope he sleeps during naptime at preschool come September! fingers crossed!!


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