Hello Leon, Welcome to the Family

So call us crazy but we've been without a "proper" vacuum for almost 9 months now. Since we have hardwood floors in our new place we haven't bothered to replace the dust spewing vacuum that we had. There has been a lot of sweeping, Swiffering and using this hand-held vac (that is probably for tiny spills) on the floors and the couple area rugs that we have. And its been working pretty well. But from all the sewing with chenille it has finally gotten to us (in case you don't know chenille snows like crazy) and over the weekend we purchased a vacuum. We call him Leon and I'd like to welcome him to the family!

He is a beautiful yellow Miele. So shiny and new! When we were at the store picking him out we got to vacuum up rice krispies, like in the infomercials, so much fun. (I also think that once he gets scratched, bound to happen eventually, I am going to paint orange dots on him). Okay so I am lame blogging about a vacuum cleaner but this is the first time that we've actually fought over who gets to vacuum.

And The Bubb LOVES the box. It even has this precut window in it which he thinks is the funniest thing in the world.

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  1. awesome! happy vacuuming! and i'd definitely add the spots. ;)


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