8 Months Old

April seemed to quickly disappear on us which means that The Bubb is now another month older! He is one curious little man. Explore explore explore. That is what we are doing. He can crawl extremely well and is trying to (and succeeding) in pulling up on everything, just to his knees - not his feet. He has just figured out how to get back down without face planting so I think that is wonderful.

So stats I guess, he is about 18 pounds, 27-28 inches tall (he wouldn't hold still for me) and his head is about 18 inches round. He is sleeping 12 hours at night and takes two 1.5-2 hour naps and then a 30-60 min power nap in the late afternoon most days. He is eating really well, we tried some chicken the other night and mixed it with yams as putting chicken in the food processor makes chicken powder (yuck) and decided it was best to just mix it. We have tried to give him a sippee cup but he isn't pleased with it so we are working on it slowly.

He loves to look at books, play with his yellow jingle ball, hide in the curtains and crawl everywhere. He also finds mirrors fascinating which works out well for me when I am trying to brush my teeth in the morning :)

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