Monogrammed Pillow

Continuing on with the pillow making for Emmett's room, I have now completed the 3rd pillow (I have 4 in case you are wondering how many I am making). I decided that I needed to have some piping on this one AND a zipper. So not really knowing what I was doing, these are the steps that I did to make it. I am sure there is a better way to install a zipper and piping?

1. Cut out two squares of fabric to fit your pillow. I used this cute little car fabric by Kokka and some men's suiting material for the back.
2. I then cut out a big car to match the little cars to applique on the front, but decided that it didn't look good. So instead I cut an "E" out of black fleece to monogram the pillow. I used Lite Steam-A-Seam and adhered it to the fabric. I thought about top stitching it but didn't see the point as it is permanent and fuzzy so you really wouldn't notice the stitching anyway.
3. Installed the red piping on the "front" of the pillow.
4. Installed the invisible zipper, first on the front side and then to the back.
5. Open the zipper and then sewed the two panels together rights sides facing.
6. Flip the pillow, stuff, and I was done!

Pillows are very addicting to make :) And the best part is I remembered to put the zipper on the bottom this time, hooray!

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