Elephant Pillow

I have finished the second pillow for Emmett's room. And for whatever reason the zipper took forever to install, I just wasn't focusing...and the worst part is, I put it on the top instead of the bottom of the pillow, I am so annoyed at myself! Things to remember not to do next time :) Anyway other than the zipper fiasco I am really pleased with how it turned out.

I love love LOVE this elephant fabric by Daiwabo called Tiny Tip Top in Lime Green on Ivory. I actually wanted the orange version but it is sold out everywhere. I like all the colors that the fabric comes in: blue, yellow, gray, etc. And it comes in the reverse colors as well. I thought it would be cool to do the pillow with green elephants on one side and then ivory elephants on a green background on the other side, but alas they were sold out of that color too!!

Anyway so I used a 12x16 pillow form and an invisible zipper on top. To add some additional interest I put "stampede" on one side of the pillow. I cut it out of dark brown felt and then ironed it on using lite steam-a-seam. I was going to top stitch them down (or applique I guess you could call it) but didn't see the point really as the steam-a-seam is permanent.

I love the brown felt against the elephants and how The Bubb is interested in the felt texture.

So 2 pillows down and 2 more to go!

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