Baby Sleeping Bag

Okay so this isn't really a baby sleeping bag per say it is more of a sleep sack but for our upcoming camping trip it will do the job. The Bubb hates to be swaddled and generally prefers to be on his tummy with his butt up in the air wedged in the corner, and not at all under then covers, when he sleeps. In order to try to keep him warm I made him a sleeping bag out of some organic cotton fleece by Michael Miller. Since the "back" of the fleece is actually really nice I decided not to put a "front" on the bag and instead just embellish it a bit. Running extremely short of time, I didn't have any free moments to run off to Joann (and of course planning ahead didn't cross my mind) to get a zipper or some fabric, so I just used what I had on hand. And I found the remains of the scooter fabric left over from my chairs. I had totally forgotten about this fabric and was so excited when I saw it! I love it when that happens, sorta like finding money in your pants pocket when doing laundry!

I traced around one of his old sleep sacks and made it a good 7 inches longer (cause he is pretty tall). I then cut out the front and the back, the front has a lower neck line.

I cut two stripes out of scooter fabric (this was all I had left) and pinned them to the front and the back, as well as a label, and stitched everything down.

Next I pinned the sleep sack together and sewed it shut, "front" sides facing. At this point I was sorta hesitant, thinking that it was just going to look like a potato sack, but after I turned it right side out, it looked way better than I had imagined :) I decided to add some bias tape around the arms and neck holes to give it a more finished look and then I installed some snaps on the shoulders so that we can get him in and out.

I love how it is super soft on the inside for him (and is still amazingly soft on the outside too) and that it has a nice weight to it.

We'll see how it goes while camping. Hopefully it will keep him nice and warm.

On another note isn't it amazing how much stuff one little person can need!


  1. great idea! i was just wondering how we were going to keep our little 8mo old warm this summer while we camp. especially since CO is always a little chilly at night in the mtns. That fleece you used looks perfect. thanks for the idea.

  2. It is amazing how much packing you have to do when you have kids that small. I remember taking a trip and having to bring the baby tub with us! I loved the funny looks we got in the hotel elevator.


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