Sumo Oranges

We are not foodies. But Evan came home a few days ago and was all excited about some article he had read about Sumo Oranges (aka Sumo Citrus) and how we NEEDED to get some.

So what is a Sumo Orange you ask? Well basically you know those Cuties/mandarin type of oranges, they are small and peel real easy but you have to eat like five of them to feel satisfied. Well say goodbye to those and hello to the Sumo. The Sumo orange peels really easy just like a mandarin and hardly has any of that white stuff (pith) but is big like a California orange. It doesn't have seeds, is sweet and juicy and big enough to really call it a snack. And as you may have guessed it originated in Japan (known as Dekopon) and someone over here in the US was quietly able to import the seeds and keep it on the down low for 5 years so that they have a monopoly on them until all the other farmers catch up, which will take about 5 or 6 years for others to get fruit bearing trees.

We went out to get some yesterday, and decided to just buy a box of them instead of by the pound. They are pretty fancy, coming in its little crate with a piece of plastic on top and green tissue. (is the green tissue supposed to be like leaves??)

Anyhoo, they are awfully pretty. After oohing over the box for a bit, it was time to get down to it and see what all the fuss is about.

And I must say they are pretty darn yummy!

Since The Bubb is too young to have citrus we just let him hold the orange and put the produce stickers all over his shirt (no they weren't on the oranges, there was a sheet of them included in the box along with a promotional card and story).

I bet Evan wishes now he hadn't told me about them since I've crazily been running around all morning taking pictures of the Sumo so I can blog about it!

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  1. Hi Kristina,

    My husband and I are one of the families in the San Joaquin Valley growing the Sumo. We found your blog today while on our way to see the grandkids. Can't tell you how excited we were to see how much your family enjoyed them. You pretty much noticed all the things we hoped people would notice, from the easy-peel down to the stickers. (The intention really was that kids would enjoy them.) Other than the taste, my favorite characteristic is that they pass, as another grower family dubbed it, the "Eat-In-The-Backseat" test. Ie the segments separate easily without making a sticky mess. Definitely an important aspect for moms and grandmoms.

    Thanks for the day brightener. So glad you are enjoying the fruits of our labor.


    Jonelle George
    You can see some of our other family growers at sumocitrus.com


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