1000 Meters of Thread

Well we all know that I like thread. So pretty, so colorful in rows at the store...anyway, last night when I was making the blanket for this baby gift set, I was slowly watching my spool of thread become less and less and less. And seriously as I backtacked on the top stitching of the blanket, my thread ran out! It was pretty awesome like it was meant to be.

I really never thought I would get through a 1000 meters of thread. That is 0.62 miles, which is like from my place to Trader Joes. Mmmm milk chocolate covered raisins. Okay staying on topic. But luckily I have reserve thread. Thank you JoAnn for your super thread sale last month!

Of course emptying a plastic spool just isn't the same as the old wood ones.

And isn't it hard to believe (well at least for me) that thread used to be 25 cents (this is from my great grandmother's thread stash). Craziness.

So I let The Bubb check out the spool. Maybe not the best play toy :)

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  1. mmm, chocolate covered raisins. so good. i buy them everytime I do a big grocery shopping trip, as a reward to myself for doing it. :)

    you gotta stop making such cute things! i am wanting every girlie thing from your store at the moment!


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