Revisiting the Pacifier Clip

My serger has been sitting in the closet ever since I made The Bubb pants and I decided that I needed another project. When I originally made pacifier clips I had wanted to use a serger on the seams but that wasn't an option for me then, so I thought I'd try making them again.

Thinking that a rolled hem edge would be best, I read through the manual, but when I used the suggested settings, it didn't work. So I googled rolled hem edge with Brother 1034D serger, and found a blog that had suggested settings, well it broke my thread. Grrrr. But on the plus side it forced me to completely rethread my machine, which I hadn't done yet, and it wasn't THAT scary. So I fiddled with the settings for a while, a long while, but I finally got the edge I want and perhaps it really isn't considered rolled anymore, but just the same it is what I wanted in the end :)

Here are the settings I used for a rolled hem edge on the Brother 1034D serger:
Right Needle: 4
Upper Looper: 3
Lower Looper: 7.25
Differential: 1
Stitch Width: R
Stitch Length: 3

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  1. I am making dog collars and I would like to make my own labels...any suggestions? Thank you..


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