Be My Valentine?

As some of you may know I don't like Valentine's Day, or well, any Hallmark holiday for that matter, but I won't get into that just now. But I was thinking about it yesterday and well I don't want The Bubb not to like holidays just cause I don't like them. Because in a few years when he is in school and other kid oriented activities you celebrate all holidays...so to be fair I thought I would give him a little valentine spirit as he might want to celebrate; although at this point he is probably more interested in licking his toes :) which is super adorable by the way.

I decided to change one of his plain gray onesies into a Valentine's day outfit, but I didn't want it to permanently be an outfit for one day...so I thought, lets use some Velcro. That way on other holidays that are coming up I can change out what is on the front of his onesie, although he may outgrow it before we can get through too many holidays :)

Supplies I used: Velcro, white and red felt, plain onesie, glue gun

I started by taking the onesie and figuring out where I wanted to stitch on the Velcro. I marked it and then sewed it down.

For my felt selection I wanted to use a darker red for a boy heart, rather than cherry red. In order to hide the Velcro stitches (although I could have just used a glue gun on this too I suppose) I cut out a white heart to go behind it.

I figured out where I wanted the heart to sit on the shirt and pinned the other Velcro half to the white heart so that I knew where to sew it on.

Next I took my hot glue gun and glued the red heart on top of the white heart. I did consider sewing it on, but well, I wanted to play with my hot glue gun.

After waiting for it to "dry" I Velcroed it on the onesie.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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