Happy Sewing = Happy Sewing Machine

When I first started sewing last spring on my mom's old machine, everything about it was just really intimidating. Even right down to the basic stuff, like putting on thread and trying to get that bobbin wedged into the tiny slot under the needle plate. But really you just have to do it a lot. And follow the instruction manual. Soon the machine becomes like your best friend or right hand, sorta like my camera.

One thing that I wanted to make sure I did when I received a new sewing machine for my birthday last fall was to take uber good care of it. And one of the ways that I do this is to change the needle. Often. I was reading somewhere that you should change your needle every 6 to 8 hours of sewing. And because I am sewing so much right now, I probably go through 2 needles a week! I know crazy, but I have been making tons of cute things for my shop. I used up the needles that came with my machine and then switched to the Singer multipack. And well, honestly I've noticed a difference in my stitches and my machine sounds different. Not different in a bad way just different. Since I am almost done with my multipack I ordered new needles, 100 of them, of the original type that came with the machine, Organ Needles. And today they came.

It really excited me that they came in 10 little packets of 10 needles each and inside they were wrapped in foil, sorta like gum.

I think that I am set now on needles for a while! And my machine is all happy, making for happy sewing. I don't know if your machines have this, but the extension table slides off my machine to make a free arm. Although this feature in itself is super useful, it also has storage inside, so I can store stuff, like the different feet and now needles.

In addition to changing the needles often, I also use my pressurized air can to clean my machine out. I take apart the needle plate and blast air into it spraying out all the dust/lint/strings/etc. It is kinda amazing how much collects over just a few weeks.

Happy Sewing!


  1. I need some new needles, where did you get yours?

  2. Do you use sharp or ball point?

  3. Hi Kristina! Love your blog!Do you use sharp or ball point needles? Any tips on sewing with minky? I am trying to sew a blanket and cannot get it even!!! Thank you!

  4. Hi and thanks :) I guess I use sharp needles (not sure what ball point are?). For the minky I use a lot of pins, probably one every inch. I've found the more you sew with it the easier it gets. Hope that helps.

  5. Thanks for responding! I will try more pins!I ask about ball point vs sharp because I went to the site you posted for the organ needles and they ask if you want sharp or ball point. I have no idea what ball point is either!!! :)

  6. I don't remember them asking that (but my memory might not be that good!) but just in case, I pulled up the receipt and yes indeed it does say sharp point :) So you should be good. I am still going through my packets and have never had any issues, yeah for that!


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