5 Months Old

Yeah for being 5 months old. The Bubb is now weighing 15 pounds ish and is 27 inches long.  As you can see he is chub chub chub. A chubby Bubby.

Likes: toes, parrot spinner (hangs in rainforest), Beefjerky (stuffed animal), "Go Train Go" book, baths, magazines, being naked, fish, being outside, milk, looking out the windows, and girl babies (usually older).

Not Sure About: swimming, rolling over, nap time, burps, and car seats.

Dislikes: being in squash, wet diapers, and shots.

New Developments: pays attention during story time (mostly), touches his toes and tries to put them in his mouth, can sit up (tripod style) for about 30 seconds, rolls over both ways now (back to front) and is still resistant to roll front to back although he can do it.

Our Bubb is a wonderful sleeper giving us a beautiful 11 hours and is still taking 4 naps, although the last nap is starting to go away which is okay. We love his giggles and smiles and are looking forward to playing peek a boo with him.  If interested past months of The Bubb can be found here.

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