To Etsy or Not To Etsy

Well I have been debating on whether I should open a shop on Etsy. Cause well I am scared as I really have to put myself out there. But I decided to just go for it, because if I don't try then I'll never know. Of course the shop is named after Sir Bubbadoo, cause why wouldn't it be?! You can check it out HERE.

I love everything that I have made and wish I could keep it all but The Bubb only needs so many baby accessories, and definitely not the girly ones. It is taking me a while to take pictures and list new items, so they are slowly getting added. But hopefully soon I will get caught up with everything that I have made and can start new things for The Bubb and for the shop. I have also added a tab up at the top of the site to lead you there as well.

So when you get a moment browse, buy, and tell others who are in need of accessories for the babies in their lives.

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