Pacifier Clips

While we haven't gotten around to using pacifiers on the Bubb as we would prefer him to learn to comfort himself with his thumb/fist/knuckles - which is working amazing well so far - as long as he can find these things, we did try this the other day. Mostly out of curiosity and cause we thought it would be funny, over him really needing it at this moment (i.e. he wasn't crying).  And yes he was able to get his hand inside the back of the bottle nipple and hold it all by himself.

But we did go out and purchase a set of 2 pacifiers cause we had some outings last weekend, and people don't like to hear babies cry, so we thought we'd give them a try if needed. I really like the pacifier clips to prevent them from falling on the ground, and since we were in a rush Saturday morning, I made this really quickly to do the job.

As you can see, we'll have to cut it off in order to wash the pacifier. But that's okay cause I have now made these instead.  Since this ribbon one turned out so well, I decided why not, and ended up making three more.  I used velcro on both ends so that both the pacifier and the clip can be taken on and off (this way I only had to buy 2 suspender clips, instead of a whole bunch).

From here I made the ones that I had planned on originally.  So the principal was the same as the ribbon, except its double sided with interfacing in the middle instead of one sided like the ribbons. I also sewed velcro on both ends so that both the clip and pacifier can be removed.

And now we have 6 lovely pacifier clips.

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