Onesie Shirts

It is hard to believe that the Bubb will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.  He is growing so fast! And because of this he has a hard time fitting into his newborn clothes and some 3 month because he is too long for them. I decided to take these 5 onesies and change them into shirts cause he still fits into them otherwise, well at least for a couple of weeks!

As you can see I did hems for the green and red ones, but Emmett was going to wake up from his nap and I didn't have enough time to hem the others so I just left them zigzagged and I think that they look better, cause you can't see my crooked lines.  I have learned while making these, that I need to take time when I am pressing hems so that they are straight and even, so that when I guide the hems through it makes a straight and even line. Go figure!  As I side note I wonder that if one was to serge or zigzag the edges of new fabric before they wash them, then they wouldn't fray, and you wouldn't have to spend tons of time untangling and cutting those stray threads before ironing. But maybe everyone knows this already and I am just slow at figuring this out!

Anyway here is the Bubb modeling his new shirt.

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