Changing Pad Covers

Silly me in thinking that two covers would be enough for the changing table.  My philosophy for baby gear has been have as little as possible but still be functional.  But after experiencing multiple days now of both covers being in the wash at the same time, and changing the Bubb on the bare plastic mat, I opted to make another one.

I already had some yellow fleece that I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with, so I thought that this would be perfect, especially with it getting colder outside.  And I had some red flannel scraps left over from another project and well it just made sense to make some stripes!
My finished piece size was roughly 32 x 48.  I cut 8 inch squares out of the corners, sewed them together, then pinned a hem all the way around and sewed it down to put my 36 inches of elastic in.  Then I sewed the hole shut and it was finished.
Here it is all set up:
And of course I had to have some pictures with Sir Bubb testing it out for the first time!  I also noticed while taking these pictures that his room has no pictures on the walls, I really need to come up with something to hang.

Since this one went fairly easily, I made a second one. So now I have 4 covers! (hopefully that will be enough)

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  1. I like how you've done these, especially the vibrant colours, so simple and it looks great!


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