Scraps Put To Good Use

Right after we brought Emmett home from the hospital I quickly discovered that the sun directly hit his crib from the window that didn't have any blinds on it.  I had saved the scraps from our family room curtains, just in case I needed practice material for a project, so we hung those up to cover the window as far as Evan could reach on a chair.

But a couple of weeks ago I decided that they looked pretty pathetic being tacked to the wall with push pins, and the sun had shifted with winter coming, so it didn't actually block all the light anymore. Evan took the pretend curtains down (with our new ladder instead of balancing on top of a chair) and I made them into curtains.  I put them on a dowel from OSH and Evan hung them back up. And they do the job nicely until I decide on a color or theme for his room.




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