Freezer Paper Fun, Part II

I had been meaning to decorate more onesies with freezer paper stenciling but the pillow project completely took over my time this past week. But yesterday I finally had time to start this project and woke up this morning to find the paint dry and two fun onesies to wear. (I also made a tutorial about Freezer Paper Stenciling in case anyone would like to try it - it is really easy) After I got him in his outfit, with jacket to head out on errands, he promptly spit up all over it, which made me have to change his jacket, but his happy mood remained throughout the incident! (yeah so I took a few photos of him...)


  1. I'm throwing a baby shower in a few weeks and this would be a great thing to do with everyone besides the usual games. Where do I find the images and colored onesies?

    1. Hi! The onesies are carters onesies, I believe I got them at Kohls, but I am sure that Target carries the exact same thing. With regards to the images, I got these from clipart in word, I think?! Just google search for the images that you want and I am sure that you will find what you are looking for!


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