The Man Behind the Curtain

Our place has two closets in the master bedroom with mirrored sliding doors opening only enough to see about 7" of your clothes on either side, and never the middle section (ok I might be exaggerating, it is probably more like 14").  And for me this just doesn't work with how the shelves/racks are organized. (It seems to be fine for Evan, or perhaps I just get annoyed more easily than he does). So I took the doors off of my closet and stored them in our attic. Can I just say that I am loving the attic space we have.

My plan was to put up some kind of curtain that I could slide back and forth to cover the closet entirely but be able to push it all the way to the side if I want to see all my clothes at once. I found this curtain at Cost Plus about two weeks after we took the doors down, in August. And well we finally just got around to putting the curtain up last night, I know, it is like we have had other priorities recently, and to be honest, it was fun to look at my clothes in their super organized color order, but that highlights how strange I am.

Here is the closet without doors:

And here is with the curtain:

And having this curtain makes me want to do this: 


  1. Such a pretty color organized closet! When I was moving my regular clothes over to make room for the maternity clothes, I seriously contemplated organizing everything by color rather than each type of clothing by color. But in the end I just couldn't do it, which is just silly since I'm not going to be wearing these clothes for several months... but anyways now I have several nice little rainbows of clothes on one side of my closet that I like to gaze at every time I enter my closet...

    PS. I went fabric shopping today and got lots of fun, pretty fabric. It made me think of you!

  2. I used to do my closet by type of clothing in color order too. But when we moved and I was still pregnant, and couldn't wear any of them anyway, I just decided to go for it :) And I totally like to just gaze at the colors too...

    Yeah for fabric shopping!!!


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