Candy Candy Candy

Our family of three had such a great time visiting Jesse, Christie and their kids in San Diego last weekend.  Never having flown with the Bubb we were sorta worried, but he didn't cry at all the whole time we were at the airports or on the plane. What a trooper!

We spent the weekend playing, carving pumpkins, going for walks, watching the Giants, going to an autumnfest, and of course trick or treating!  Here are some pictures from the weekend...of course we didn't take as many as we should have, but you can see the rest HERE.

Jack and Maddie playing with Emmett.  They piled all the 'baby' toys around him so he could choose.  He was absolutely enamored by them.

Going for a walk

Getting ready for Halloween:

At the Autumnfest:

Our loot from trick or treating (yes Emmett went along and he got candy too until he fell asleep after about 10 houses...mom and dad ate the candy of course :)

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