Morning Adventures of Batbaby

Introducing our hero, Batbaby.

Real Name: Emmett, Alternate names: Sir Bubbadoo, Sir Bubb, The Bubb, etc.
Age: 7.5 weeks
Weight*: 14 lbs
Height*: 2 ft. 
Likes: Baths, Cuddling, Sleeping, Napping, Eating, Singing Parents, BART, Car Rides, Exercising Legs, Thumbs, Windows and All Lights (especially the bare bulb).
Dislikes: Large Squash, Toucans, Tummy Time, and Burping.
* Estimates only, real measurements to be determined next week

Our Hero wakes and rises out of bed with a full hour and half of adventures ahead of him.

After having a feast of milk he gets dressed in his bat gear with a quick diaper change.

Then leaving the bat cave, he spots his enemy. The Toucan. (and sometimes blue bird).

Batbaby strikes out at the evil Toucan while trying to grab his beak. Success! Batbaby has hit his target.

He then struggles against gravity to lift his head.

After a full 20 mins of fighting evil birds, our hero needs to rest and relax by looking out the window.

Batbaby then decides to have a book read to him, while finding his favorite accessory, his thumb.

Our hero now tired from an endless amount of activities drifts away to sleep while looking at dinosaurs.

This story has been brought to you by our sponsor. Milk.

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