The Great Pumpkin Experiment

When we went to the pumpkin patch, we purposefully selected a really large pumpkin that we could stick the Bubb in and take some pictures.  (i actually didn't think this one up...but was TOTALLY on board). Since Halloween is next weekend and we aren't going to be around, we decided that it was time to slice and dice this pumpkin open.  Evan worked for a while at cleaning, carving, and scoping it out.

Then we fed the Bubb (optimal best mood), heated the room with a space heater to make it as warm as possible, then plunked him in.  (yes we put some towels in the bottom). And this is what happened: 

NOT a happy camper. So we took him out, put pants on him and more towels in the pumpkin, got him smiling and babbling to us, and thought okay lets try one more time.  This is what we got: 

Again, not so happy. I think the caption should read "Why am I in this pumpkin? You people are weird! So now I am going to cry".  The conclusion to this experiment is: The Bubb does not like pumpkins (or maybe just large squash?) or at least being put in them. Since we felt sorta bad for making him cry, and he was rather gooey, we put him in the bath (one of his favorite activities).

 And then we got our happy, calm, and relaxed baby back. 

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  1. I had to laugh at the picture of Evan in the corner holding up the knife! Ha.


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