Old Navy Finds

I wandered into Old Navy as I know they have cute, but very affordable, Halloween costumes for babies.  (and it happens to be next to the fabric store).  Typically I do avoid Old Navy cause their clothes don't fit me, but after this trip I might be back. I ended up finding this skeleton onesie for the Bubb, and I love it cause it glows in the dark!! After finding this I ended up finding some other things that I couldn't resist. And the best part is they must have been having some sale that I didn't know about cause when I got up to the cash register everything was way cheaper than marked on the tags (except the skeleton onesie). So this shopping trip was definitely a score!!!

Total trip cost: $28.49. My main splurge was the trapper hat with bear ears.  It said $12.50 and I though ugh is it worth it for him to wear for a few months, and I finally decided, yes it is.  And at the register it came in way cheaper! Yeah!! So anyway I took a picture of him in the hat. And after putting him down for his nap I realized that I didn't think to take any photos of him in the halloween costume. Oh well, I'm not waking him back up now!

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