7 Months Old

It is hard to believe that The Bubb is seven months old already! For those interested, he is weighing 17 pounds but this is us weighing him on our bathroom scale. I really want to put him in the produce scale at the grocery store but I have a feeling that this would be frowned on! Anyway off topic, he is 27 inches tallish and his head is 18 inches round.

The Bubb loves giggling, smiling and babbling. He can sit pretty well on his own now and likes to fall forward into the crawl position, and then collapse. Of course this is followed by tons and tons of kicking/pretend crawling, if only he could lift his heavy little belly off the ground. He can get himself into the crawl position really easily and has moved his knees/hands forward once or twice now, but I think that was probably a fluke.

He still loves to watch fish and really likes to look at birds flying around at the park. As always he is very interested in what we are doing, especially when we are eating and drinking. He is really good eater. He eats two non-milk meals a day now (followed with mik) and two additional milk feeds. So far Emmett is eating oatmeal with cinnamon, bananas, avocado, mango, yams, and carrots. He has also tasted my Forest Berry yogurt a few times and loves it, so I think we might get him some plain yogurt at the store next weekend.

He is still an excellent sleeper. He gives me two 1.5-2 hours naps during the day followed by a late afternoon powernap (30 mins to an hour) and still gives us a wonderful 12 hours of sleep every night. As you can tell we love the Bubbasaur very much and his smiles just make everything better in the world.

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