15 Months Old

It doesn't seem like The Bubb has changed all that much in the past month to us, but I am sure that he has! Lets see, he weighs about 25.4 pounds, is 33 inches tall and his head is 49.5 cm big. He is a pretty good guy. Sleeps through the night, is back to 2 naps during the day for the most part (which I am loving and have decided that if needs two naps then I am not worried about dropping one anymore as I need him to have two naps so it works out well for both of us) and eats pretty well most of the time.

He loves the park, the swings, the beach, having socks pulled off, having socks put on, and getting ready for bath time is hilarious (probably cause his socks get pulled off). He is a very curious fellow. He likes to see how things work - drawers opening and closing (not interested in what is in them really), where shadows on the wall come from, reflection of light on the washer door, windows, etc (he wants to know where that light is coming from and how he can change it, it is pretty fascinating to watch). He gets very proud of himself when he finishes things and wants clapping or a good job and then feeds off of it and does it again just to do more clapping :)

Emmett is watching watching watching, he sees everything that we do and I have become particularly aware that he is watching me ALL THE TIME, for instance, a few Saturdays ago Evan was finishing loading the dishwasher so I say, Emmett why don't you go help daddy with the dishwasher (as I am trying to distract him from some of our cook books on a shelf and hope the he might bang on a plate or something) - so he goes over to the sink, opens the door underneath, pulls out the soap, holds it in his lap while turning to the right and then gets up on his knees and holds the soap box at a 45 degree angle and trys to pour the soap into the soap tray (obviously the box isn't open so nothing comes out) and then sets it back down and looks at Evan, like yeah I just helped you, what next. We were both just so taken aback, as I don't let him help me with soap or anything like this, but I do load the dishwasher while he is eating lunch in the kitchen, and Evan asked do you let him do this all the time? No definitely not, he is a baby why would I let him anywhere near the soap. So while Evan and I were staring at each other The Bubb goes back over to the cook books and continues to try to get them off the shelf.

He is not walking on his own yet :( He can do one handed and likes to walk if we pull him to walk but doesn't seem interested in walking on his own as he prefers to crawl. So no he isn't walking. We tried to get a picture of him walking with us but he kept spinning around as seen above :)

What else, he loves loves loves to be tickled and the anticipation of it, particularly in the afternoon for some reason. And the best thing is the past couple of weeks he has become a cuddly baby. He was not cuddly before, I mean he'd let you hold him but was good on his own, but lately he will come up and snuggle with me on the couch, the floor, whatever, it is so nice. And I am trying to take advantage of it for as long as possible as I know it won't last forever.


  1. You've got a great eye for color and fabric choices. Love LOVE your striped shirt in these photos! Where did you get it?

  2. Hi Jenna! Thanks :) I got it at Anthropologie sometime in August. They were in the sale section so I don't know if they still have them anymore. (I actually got it in blue too, as I just couldn't help myself! lol - http://www.sirbubbadoo.com/2011/09/uno-birthday-party-roundup.html )


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