A Little Christmas Cheer

We've been slowly working on getting our Christmas items out the past few days. We have our tree up with lights, although not decorated yet (hopefully tonight), Evan hung up white twinkle lights on our balcony last night (yeah for power outside) and so this morning I got around to hanging up some ornaments in our front window.

So a quick backstory...on Monday I went to Michaels to buy ornaments to dangle in our window, however upon entering the store the line was like 20 people long, so I thought I'll talk my time and it will clear (as sometimes in retail there is a huge rush for cash registers all at once). I look around and there aren't that many people in the store, so 25 minutes later I get back up to the front, only to find that the line has now wrapped around to the back of the store and is like a 100 people long. This is at about 12:45 on a Monday. So I have a few questions. Why are there not more workers in the store? and two where did all these people come from? and why are they all here now? I felt like I was in the middle of Black Friday (although I've never gone). As I started to walk to the end of the line, and saw all the crying unhappy kids. I looked down at my smiling happy Bubb and then looked at the time and thought there is no way I can make him wait an hour in line. I stopped my cart with my whole two items in it, picked him up and walked out the store. Headed 100 feet over to Target and found some ornaments and got out of there in 10 minutes. Happy Bubb. Happy Mom.

Anyway sorry for the tangent. I got this package of 5 ornaments

that are shatter resistant, aka plastic, can't they just say that? and they are a little different than what I had planned - two colors in different sizes and maybe like 10. I found some clear cord around the house (I was planning on fishing line, but we don't have any) and tied them to the ornaments and then taped them to the top of our window.

Side note: I actually ended up using clear thread instead of this clear cord as it wouldn't tie securely. And in retrospect I would probably tack them to the top of the window instead of tape as they are starting to slip a little, although that makes it more interesting. Perhaps I will fix this over the next few days.

I am pretty happy with how it turned out considering that I deviated from my original intentions many times, funny how projects work out this way sometimes.

But The Bubb likes to bat at them, although we never have the blinds (attached to doors on the window) open so he won't get too many opportunities. And since I've caught up with all my Etsy orders (happy dance) I am off to make some felt ornaments for the tree. Happy Wednesday!

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