Olallieberry Pie

Every summer we go to the Swanton Berry Farm to pick olallieberries.

What is an olallieberry? Well it pretty much a blackberry and raspberry crossed together and looks like huge blackberry although tastes a little sweeter.

We spend the good portion of a morning picking and tasting

And then we come home with these beauties

(I thought this was funny)

After we get them home we wash them in the sink and then bag them, 8 cups to a bag, and freeze them. (Okay so we might have some ice cream with them on top too.)

Why do we pick these berries and freeze them 8 cups to a bag? PIE PIE PIE. It makes the best pie, well all fruit pies are the best, and we make them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

- 7 cups of fresh olallieberries (or 8 cups frozen)
- 1 cup sugar
- 4 tablespoons of cornstarch (when you freeze them they are super juicy as they thaw, so I tend to add about 10 tablespoons of cornstarch)
- 2 pie crusts (top and bottom)

First Evan makes the pie crust, I can't make pie crust as adding water one tiny teaspoon at a time is just insane to me and I don't have the patience for it, so he makes the crust and I make the filling

Mix the berries, sugar and cornstarch. You should thaw the berries completely and drain the excess juice off (or save for a smoothie) before adding to the bowl - I didn't do that this time, as we were running late on making the pie and forgot to thaw them the day before - so I added more cornstarch than normal.

Add filling to pie crust bottom

then add the top and bake at 400 degrees for 40-50 minutes

All done.

I love this berry pie, and blogging about it is making me hungry so I think that I am going to go and have the last slice before The Bubb gets up from his nap :)

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