2 Years on Etsy

It is extremely hard to believe that it has only been 2 years that I've been selling on Etsy. The time sure went by quickly! We were a little curious last night so we tried to determine just how many items I've made for others over the past 2 years. And here are the totals*:

- 1,808 Baby Burp Cloths
- 1,114 Baby Blankets
- 1,069 Baby Bibs
- 58 Baby Quilts 
- 26 Crib Sheets
- 18 Changing Pad Covers
- 9 Pillows
- 4 Crib Bumpers
- 3 Embellished Onesies
- 3 Playmats
- 2 Drool Pads
- 1 Crib Skirt

* we are probably off a little bit here and there because I do make things on the side  (for those who approach me off of etsy and well we are human and it takes a while to count all of this and we started to go cross-eyed)

Overall selling on Etsy has been a good experience and I have made a couple of really good friends from it, which I love, and it has turned my hobby into a full time business which I love even more because I get to stay home with The Bubb. (Of course looking at these numbers makes me think that I need to start looking into hiring a staff :) we'll see. And it also explains why my husband, kiddo, family and friends haven't really seen much of me in the past two years.) But a huge thank you for all the support over the past 2 years and for keeping those, I think she's crazy comments to yourselves, particularly when you can see that I haven't slept, eaten or showered for multiple days in a row...


  1. Those numbers are INSANE!! Good for you! I love tallying up numbers like that... it's fun to see how far you've come. Great work - keep it up!


  2. Sheesh! That's a LOT of sewing!!! CONGRATS!!


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