Camp Sur Patchwork Cheater Quilt

From far away this patchwork quilt might look like I put all these squares together, but I didn't :) It is a cheater patch, called Camp Sur Patch by Birch Fabrics. (this fabric sold out super quick and its not surprising as it is super cute!)

Anyway. I got asked to make a baby quilt with this particular fabric.

We decided that organic cotton sherpa by Michael Miller would be best for the back, batting was requested and then of course it needed quilting to keep everything in place. Really liking how I did the quilting on this quilt, it was decided to do the same on this one, making it seem even more like a patchwork.

I am seriously in love with this quilt and really really really didn't want to send it away :( I love the weight of the sherpa with batting inside, definitely what The Bubb is going to get for his new big boy bed (whenever we get around to getting that but of course, like always, we have a problem. The bed we were going to get is no longer being made. Sigh. All other beds in the universe, I of course don't like and will never live up to the bed I originally wanted. Plan B is toddler bed, as I found one that I LOVE but we weren't going to do a toddler bed for various reasons but are now thinking that maybe we'll just do that instead. Anyway.)

So excited for the new little one to get his quilt! Happy Friday everyone :)


  1. So super in love with this quilt!!!

  2. Beautiful quilt. Have bought some sherpa after seeing you lovely blankets and was wondering if it shrinks any more or less that the cotton on the top of the blanket? Thank you for all the inspiration.

    1. Hi! Yes I am pretty sure the sherpa shrinks more than the quilt weight fabric, so I'd probably recommend washing first...but I always wash before sewing so maybe it really doesn't shrink that much, I just have never wanted to risk it ;)


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