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Decisions. Decisions. As you all know I routinely complain about my lack of decision making surrounding the baseboard topic. I just don't know what I want and I realize that once it is installed I most likely won't notice it ever again. But I have a few concerns. I want chunkier baseboards but this creates two problems. One: Our door frames are super skinny from the 70s. So they won't meet up properly. Does this mean that we have to get new door jams? Or can we just replace the frame with a thicker one? Two: Thick baseboards could be problematic for furniture that we put in. Although all the furniture that is going in most likely won't be affected by this. (and we are most likely going to be getting all new doors anyway, so perhaps the time is now to deal with that while we are dealing with the door frame/moulding situation)

We went to a new moulding store and I must say that I was in heaven. Lots and lots of choices. So this is what we came back with. I really really really like the super tall fat one (far right one above) BUT it does not work downstairs (or probably anywhere in this house. Next house I guess, ha.) We both really like the shorty fat one (second from the left above/below) but that is one of the ones that could create furniture problems. So we are researching about door frames and that may or may not make the decision for us.

(on a side note, look at the lovely new recessed outlets Evan started installing over the weekend. Getting closer to being 'done')

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  1. I'd suggest doing the moulding around the doors first! We have a couple that didn't get done first and the base moulding had to be redone! Ugh. Even if you know the width of your door moulding, if you need to replace the door, the jam might end up in a slightly different spot, and then you have a 1/4 inch gap with the base you already cut. No fun.


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