Glimma Quilt

So happy to share with you the Glimma Quilt that is finally finished. Love love love this new line of fabric coming out in April, so excited!! Anyway after receiving the sample pack I knew exactly what this fabric was going to be used for, and I am sorta weird about not believing that it is going to be a girl or a boy until they are born (despite what they tell you and what you see), and so I waited until my friend had her super adorable baby girl and then dived into the fabric.

I decided to just keep the squares whole, as I wanted to see the patterns and not cut them up. And to show them off I paired it with KONA Ash. I like simple baby quilts so rows of patchwork divided up seemed like a good plan to show off the different patterns.

Then on the back I used my fav, organic cotton sherpa. And then quilted (top-stitched, whatever) along the outside of the rows, as I didn't want to impede the patterns.

Thee Bubb was pretty helpful too, mixing up the squares and of course taking pictures!

Hope everyone is having a good week! It is raining here :( but luckily all the new windows got installed just as it started. Phew!



  1. Gorgeous quilt!! And I just had to comment on The Bubb's shirt, because my boys have the matching shirts and "swishy" pants from Target. They call it their "silly guy" shirts. An absolute favorite of my 2-year-old!! :)

  2. We LOOOOVE it!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It's just perfect. :)

  3. When you get fabric precut like that do you wash it before you use it?

    1. Hi! So, I hadn't planned on washing the fabric and made the top without washing (squares or kona). But then I completely freaked out that it would shrink different than the sherpa (as it shrinks a lot) so I washed the top, ironed it and then attached it to the back and quilted/top stitched it :) Usually I always wash my fabric first, I don't know why I didn't this time...to excited to get started I think!


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