Wet Bar Update

Just wanted to share a quick update on our once wet bar room.

We started with this

and then ripped out the 'bar' cause we have a 2 year old and really, we aren't the entertaining type of lets hang out in our basement and drink, anyway. So away it went. We ripped out the carpet and then capped the plumbing in the wall. Then the HOA fixed some of the mysterious bubble patches on our wall.

As soon as the wall was fixed, we finished off the flooring :)

And then we sanded and painted. And yeah, it took 4 coats of white paint that supposedly had a primer in it! But I love the ultra bright walls down here in the basement, it makes everything so much brighter and crisper. So it is totally worth the extra effort, although if we ever repaint down here we are totally investing in a paint sprayer as those cracks are a total pain!

We are hopefully going to go and look at molding this weekend but I do keep saying that week after week. But in the meantime it means that we can move all the shipping supplies down to this room out of our family room. Our plan is to put in cabinets and a counter to make a little shipping station for our business :)

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