2013: The Year of Completion

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years! It was pretty exciting to celebrate both in our new home :) although I am really looking forward to actually decorating this coming year!

A lot has happened over the course of 2012 that we are truly thankful for and there have been a lot of firsts, beginnings and projects started. That is why I am bound and determined to make 2013 the year of completion. Finishing the hundreds (what feels like thousands) of tasks that have been started and getting regrouped and energized.

Some of my goals for this year include: getting the house completed, blogging more, sewing/crafting more for me/family, selling more fabric and spending more time with my husband and kiddo.

I have received a few emails asking about the status of our home and whats been going on....well...we are still in the midst of unpacking boxes and remodeling with our major hold up being finishing the basement. We pretty much gutted it, except for walls, and are still putting it back together. Once back together (or enough) we can put all of the office/craft/sewing/extrabooks/library/etc. stuff down there and get the rest of the house and garage organized into a more livable situation. We finally got the waterproofing people to come and do their magic on our basement walls in December. We found evidence of some possible water damage upon moving in at the floor level in the wetbar and family room - a few tiny bubbles in the paint, although it was unclear how old it was - could have been from '82 when all the rain happened. So we got the HOA to do something about it, one good thing about being in an HOA I suppose. So they sent out these guys out to drill holes in the cinder block and fill them with water to see where the problem areas were (meaning where the holes were coming from the outside that caused the paint to bubble) and they found WAY more problems than we had anticipated.

You can see it from the huge spots up above - meaning if it poured rain that is where the water would eventually come through. So they filled our walls out to the exterior with this waterproofing expanding foam (why there is yellow streaks now, it oozed out) The little round dark grey spots are where they put in the nozzles to find the problem areas. Anyway after a day of working we are now water secure again. Now we just have to sand a little, prime with special primer and then continue painting. Whoo hoo.

But after the waterproofing was done, we finally managed to get the flooring complete over the Christmas holiday and are continuing to paint. Of course The Bubb didn't want to be left out helping to paint, so we gave him a leftover cabinet door. He was pretty stoked.

The office furniture is starting to go in and once we (I) pick out the baseboards that will make things feel a lot more finished. Hopefully more pictures of an update coming soon.

On a sewing front, I've been making a lot of bibs as I get caught back up on my Etsy orders

and I made my final custom order before Christmas before starting to take them again this year. (crib sheet, changing pad cover and quilt - inspired by this and this)

Anyway happy new year to everyone. Here is to a great 2013!

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