White Hardwood Floors

Just wanted to give everyone a sneak peak of our finished hardwood floors. We finished installing the floor a few weeks ago over the Christmas break and I cannot begin to express how excited I am about them, as they are WHITE! After we tore up the carpet, we knew that there would be a concrete slab. We thought about staining that white (or another color) for a while since I couldn't find hardwood that was naturally white, obviously. There are so many beautiful and bright pictures of Scandinavian homes that have white wood floors, most treated with some Lime process - Evan looked into the specifics and well that wasn't really a option for us. Then we thought well we could paint them white, also not an easy or practical thing to do, since there wasn't any hardwood floor there already. If it was a 100 year old home with floors already there that were kinda beat up, then yes I'd be all for painting them. But it didn't make a lot of sense to buy new wood floors and then paint them. (and of course laminate was not an option - yuck!) Anyway.

After a very very long search, I finally found white hardwood. They are actually maple and painted white by the manufacturer, and so it is long lasting and doesn't need to be repainted every year to maintain its color. It is an engineered maple hardwood, as we couldn't nail them down easily due to the concrete slab. So happy!!

Since I am quite embarrassed by the state of our current basement with our gigantic mix of boxes, fabric and furniture here are some pictures of the process and I promise to do a basement tour after everything is finished :)

Here we are laying the moisture barrier, padding and floors in my sewing room:

Emmett moved right in in typical Bubb fashion

I was getting pretty nervous of if we ordered enough wood after we got done with the 'wet bar' room to finish under the stairs but we had enough and a few pieces left over.


Now I just need to find baseboards and then move all the stuff out of the way to install them. Ideally we would have liked to have the entire floor finished before we moved in, but you know, we are only about 2 months behind schedule and well life happens :)

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. My girlfriend and I have really fallen in love with the look you achieved with your flooring. We've been looking at local stores trying to find the same type of flooring but so far no luck. If you don't mind sharing, could you please let us know where you bought your flooring? Really interested in doing the same kind.

    Thank you, and again, the flooring looks great!

    Oh, and now that you've had it a few months, what are your followup thoughts / experience with it?

    1. Hi! We got it at a local store, Budget Flooring. But it can be found at other stores across the country - it is Shaw flooring: http://shawfloors.com/hardwood-floorsDetails/Maple/White/Cosmopolitan_Maple_SW264-Debutante It is called different things at different stores, because some stores have a specific name attached to it but the number will be the same :) It is actually maple underneath the 'white'. So if you were to sand it down in a few years it would be maple underneath. But it doesn't look like its painted, it is really well done :) We have had heavy use on it now for about 3 months and it has been amazing, no chipping/denting or anything like that. My two year old has colored on it accidentally with pen a few times and it came off fantastically so I would highly recommend it!


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