UNO Birthday Party Roundup

Just wanted to share some birthday party pictures with you to conclude The Bubb Birthday Week :)

We opted to have an UNO themed birthday party to celebrate The Bubb being one year old. We sent out UNO invites

and I made him a Wild card t-shirt for the party using freezer paper stenciling. I had thought about making him an UNO shirt but decided that Wild suited the situation better, plus I've been wanting to try multiple colors on the freezer paper stenciling. It was well, um, interesting. I wouldn't recommend starting with multiple colors especially when you have a one year old trying to climb up your leg while painting!

Finding a black t-shirt proved to be difficult and finally was able to find a long sleeved one at Target and just altered it to be short sleeved.

The party was pretty simple. We made cupcakes and decorated them with white frosting and numbers on top and then just had primary colored accessories for napkins, plates, etc. I hung up the birthday banner that I made.

And we had balloons. I have been dying to have a reason to get some 3 foot balloons. I think that I can die happy now, is that crazy!? Okay so we got one of each color - red, blue, green and yellow. They are actually pretty hard to find and ended up getting them at SF party in San Francisco. We then rented a helium tank because we couldn't get them inflated at the store, as they wouldn't have fit through the door into our cars, not to mention getting all 4 of them to fit! Here we are blowing them up:

Of course we took some pictures with them :) and tied one to The Bubb. You have no idea how amused I was! (FYI if he had been 5 pounds like I had wanted, it is possible that I would have put him in a basket and bought 33 of these balloons in order to get him to hover off the ground. (my brother did some calcs on lift). Anyway not important since he weighed WAY more than that when born, and the parent police probably would have come and frowned at us.


The party was lowkey and was exactly what I wanted :) We ate some cake,

opened some presents,

played ball, chased each other around on the deck.

He had a wonderful time and I am so glad that my parents were willing to let us use their house :)

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  1. Those balloons are awesome! So sad we missed this. But I'm looking forward to seeing you guys soon!


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