Little Apples Quilt

After quite a few weeks of having the Little Apples baby blanket/quilt sitting around my house in various stages I am so pleased to say that it is finally finished.

As usual, after I got the top pieced together, I thought about making binding and quilting, etc. and just went with a minky back as it is thick and warm and super soft. I went with charcoal grey minky to match the front.

I am not usually one for overly cutesy type prints but there is something just so charming about this collection.


  1. I bought a charm pack of this a bit ago and gray minky is exactly what I had in mind. Love it!

  2. This is such a great quilt! and that fabric is just so incredibly adorable. love it :)

  3. I have been staring at your quilt for awhile now! I did not do one as fancy and I am just getting to the backing but I am almost done with my first! Looking at your quits has really inspired me and I love your blog! Thank you! LIttle Apples is such a cute fabric line!


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