Instagram Addict

Well I can safely say that I am running late to the instagram party. But I am still having a blast! I take so many pictures of The Bubb with my phone and then don't really do anything with them, and one of the things that I love most about instagram is that not only do I get to share them with family and friends (and my significant other who now commutes 2 more hours every day and misses out on more of what we are up to) but there are also a ton of applications/shops/products out there that allow you to print cool things with the photos. And I figure since I don't seem to be good about scrapbooking (about 5 years behind on that!) or creating photobooks anymore with blurb that this could be an intermediate step to actually have some pictures of my kid in my house. So I am looking at it as a win win.

If you care to follow (it is mostly going to be pics of my kid or what we are up to day to day routine type stuff) I am, of course, @sirbubbadoo

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