Rain Cloud Costume

With all the craziness of moving and remodeling I really wanted to buy Emmett's costume this year. But I couldn't find anything that I liked. With a little pinteresting I found this adorable rain cloud costume and it just kept sticking in my head and I started comparing every other costume I found to it. So I decided that perhaps this was the winner. Plus the most important thing is that I already had everything on hand! Which made it meant to be. So excited.

I used freezer paper stenciling to make the rain drops on the pants. The Bubb had blue sweatpants which are pretty much on the verge of being too small for him so I didn't mind reusing them for another purpose.

Then for the cloud I used white flannel (front) and white kona (back). I had leftover gray bias tape (score!) and used that for the shoulders. I sandwiched it between the two front layers so it would look cleaner and then after testing it out on the bubb, I sewed the shoulder straps to the back cloud. Probably could have made it more elegant looking, but time was not on my side. I filled the middle with polyfil and decided that it stayed in place quite nicely and then just sewed up the holes on the machine (could have hand stitched but again didn't have time)

The Bubb LOVE LOVE LOVES his rain boots, so that was a must. So here he is our little rain cloud. And I must say he is such a cutie! and he was way more excited about the costume than I had anticipated.

He also is very into pumpkins this year and likes to lift them and carry them around. We have 3 out front and then two in the backyard so that we can see them, as we don't often go out the front door. We got a large orange one and a really ugly black one. Just a good combo that makes me smile when I walk by.

Hope everyone has a candy filled and safe halloween :)


  1. Absolutely Adorable - I am all about DIY costumes. Next Year this is for my baby boy!

  2. Looooove it!! And I'm so glad that he loves it too!


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