This and That

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, just been busy I guess. We got some new shoes for The Bubb

but they're a little big for him (which is good) but they are a little too big so he keeps falling/tripping so I think we are going to have to get another pair (I know! so awful that I have to go baby boy shoe shopping!) We've been working on building him a cardboard house or maybe a boat. I really want to build a boat but there isn't a ton of space to put something so large. And Emmett has been obsessed with this truck book. It is good, I love that he loves books but we read it a lot.

Its been unbelievably warm and nice here lately so we've been enjoying the outside and splashing in the water

We finally got around to getting him a water table. I wanted to build one, or something similar but alas we don't have the tools/space/time to do it so we just got one on amazon. Once it arrives, hopefully Wednesday/Thursday this week I'll post pictures since some of you have been interested in what it is :)

As for the sewing front...we'll that quilt I've been "working" on has been sitting in the same pile on my table waiting to be cut. Ha! Oh well for productivity! Hope everyone had a good Earth Day and weekend :)


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