Bright Owls Quilt

The bright owls quilt is done at last. Yeah!! And I am super excited by The Bubb's response to it too. He seems to really like it, which always makes these projects worth it. We have already played peekaboo and used it as a tent so it seems to be multifunctional besides just being a crib blanket.

The details: It is made using Alice Kennedy's Bright Owls in Lime and Bright Owls in Cream fabric. I couldn't decide between the two so I just used both! Inside is a layer of hi-loft poly batting to make it extra fluffy. It measures about 40x50inches, maybe a little less.

The quilting: I actually quilted one vertical stripe and it looked awful so I took it out. Yes I took out 50 inches of stitching. Then I hmm-hawed around for a few days and finally decided on circles. It just seemed to fit with those owl eyes.

So I found a bowl that was the porportion I wanted and traced around it, pinned around the circle and then sewed along the line. And yes I did use my walking foot. Made all the difference.

I put them randomly all over the blanket to keep the layers in place. And then I added a few along the edge to give it a little extra detail.

I think that I am most excited that it got done before he out grew it :)

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