Hop Hop Hippity Hop

Hope everyone had a good Easter yesterday!

We decided that Emmett should have an egg hunt. Since we don't own any plastic eggs we decided to just use the 6 that Emmett and I dyed the other day together. Evan "hid" them on the grass and then we got him his bucket and taught him how to hunt for eggs. The first one he picked up and looked at us like we were crazy. Then we got to the second egg. He promptly took out the first egg, gathered the second egg into the bucket, then put the first one back in. The 3rd and 4th eggs were the same method. All eggs out, new egg in. Repeat. But by the 5th and 6th egg he really got it and just chucked them into the bucket. But that is all we had so we stopped. Plus six eggs are really heavy to carry but he managed to take them all the way back up into our house were he proceeded to tell us that he needed to wash his hands. His new favorite activity.

We also decided to go to the zoo. They were having some sort of bunny special, but we opted to go to the children's area (aka petting zoo). He LOVED it. Absolutely no fear whatsoever. I was pretty surprised.

I also took a picture of him holding the peep I made him last year. He has grown so much!

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