Bridesmaid Dress Baby Blanket

A little while ago I got asked to make a baby blanket with pieces of a bridesmaid dress incorporated into it. After a discussing fabrics it was decided to use these pieces

minus the citron dumb dot in a simple square patchwork blanket. The pale lime green dress worked well with the zoology color palette and would still be bold and bright for the baby boy. Starting with the dress I got to work

and then the patchwork blanket quickly unfolded itself. Its been so long since I've had time (or a chance to actually do a patchwork) that I realized how much I love putting colors together and working on these blankets.

White minky was used on the back, I think that black made it too dark, and white is pure and simple looking and finished it off nicely.

Hope the mom and baby love it too! (and here is the other bridesmaid dress blanket that I've done now, is this becoming a thing?!)


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