Organic Changing Pad Covers

I love the Birch Camp Sur / Camp Modern lines that came out last fall. So I was super excited to get to make a couple of changing pad cover with them. So cute! (and btw for those that have asked, the camp sur patch will be back in stock hopefully in May)

Since I use the serger now to complete my changing pad covers, I have found that my measurements are different than what is on the tutorial I have posted, as that was pre serger and for a sewing machine only.

So if you plan to use a serger this is what I did:

For a standard changing pad you will need a piece of material 31x46 inches with 6.5-7 inch holes cut out of each corner. Use a 3/4 inch seam allowance and sew the corners together. Serge all edges starting with the corners and then finishing with the outer edge. Create a 3/4 inch casing and then string elastic through it. Sew the opening closed and you're done. (anyway these notes are more for me than for sharing as I never seem to be able to find my measurements until after I finish the project so I have to recalculate, but if my rambling helps someone else, fantastic!)

Okay off to battle FedEx :( But I hope everyone else is having  good week! and a few more shots, just couldn't help myself.

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