Fabric Hoarding

I've never really been one to hoard fabric. I get/create/think of a project, get the fabric, use the fabric. I'm not saying that I don't have fabric, cause I HAVE fabric. But it all has a purpose which I just haven't gotten around to making yet. And I've never really been afraid to use a fabric just because I might waste/ruin it, etc. But I recently got more of these fabrics:

And I am having a really hard time making things out of them to sell, because what if I might want to use them for myself someday (the fabric doesn't seem to be in print anymore, so it is getting harder to find). And I find myself questioning, what if I need it. So they have been sitting on my couch the past few weeks staring at me. But seeing those cute little faces just makes me smile and I know somehow that everything will work out.

On another front, I hope everyone had a good weekend. I spent a lot of time doing this

and I went to a quilt show, which I hope to share pictures of soon. There were some really beautiful and inspiring quilts. On a Bubb front, no he isn't walking yet, although I did find him standing on his own staring at the fish this morning not holding on to anything, although the minute he saw me he remembered what he was doing and promptly sat down and whined to be picked up. Yup its Monday...

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