Pajaro Dunes

A few weekends ago we had a beach weekend with my husband's family. We stayed in a little house right on the beach, it was just amazing and perfectly situated for 8 adults and 6 kids (all 4 and under).

It was a bit overcast/foggy but I actually thought that was preferable to too much sun which leads to little ones (and big ones) with sunburns. And perhaps this is no surprise but The Bubb LOVES sand.

We did some crawling in the sand

Sitting in the sand

Playing in the sand with our cousins


We built a huge sand castle and fort (sorry no pictures of that)

Played some frisbee and looked at the water

In our down time from hanging out on the beach we did a lot of eating, reading, napping, and playing inside and on the deck

I think everyone had a really good time, especially The Bubb

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