Shark Attack

The Bubb is going to be a shark for Halloween this year, although the preview was sorta a giveaway. Please note that he was "supposed" to be walking or at least standing on his own at this point, which would have made this costume fantastic, but alas he is still super cute as a crawling baby shark.

My hope was that he would be walking enough so that we could go to one or two houses get some candy (for mom and dad), take some pictures and then be done. But I don't think that is going to work out this year.

So annoyed that we keep calling out his name and trying to get him to look at the camera, such a good sport though! and after playing shark we did what he really wanted - to play in the water and sand. He LOVED getting his toes wet, and yes that is one very full diaper of sand and beach water :) 


  1. What a cute costume! You've got some great things here at your blog. Let me know if you'd ever like to do a giveaway at the Cap Creations blog.

  2. the shark is AWESOME! totally better to make costumes for walkers, i agree. he's doin' pretty well in it though. :)

  3. Cute costume. My son didn't start walking until 14 months, it will come. I just came across your blog looking for a tutorial on a changing pad cover (which yours is totally cute btw).


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