Waterproof Bag

Making this has been on my to-do list for a very long time. And I finally found the time to make it. So excited! I modeled it after this red doll bag that I got at Borders a few years ago but I made it a little bigger to accommodate some necessities for The Bubb as opposed to cosmetics/travel stuff for me.

I am calling it a waterproof bag because I have lined it with ProCare - which is a waterproof fabric that they use on baby diapers, etc. and meets all the regulatory standards so that you can put food in it, etc. Not that I would, but just saying. That way I can wipe it down with clorox wipes or similar in case something icky touches it, and since I sewed both parts separately I can pull the inner lining out so I can rinse it without having to wash the whole thing (although I did put it in the wash yesterday to see what would happen and it washed really well, I was pleasantly surprised).

The front is made with light weight cotton canvas by Melody Miller for Kokka called Viewfinders. (I made a pillow out of it for the nursery). I installed a zipper on the top, this was my first time using this kind of zipper as I've only used invisible ones before and it is so much easier! The bag can fit a couple of diapers and a bag of wipes and then I can put the used diapers back in, makes everything look a little nicer in my purse or backseat of my car.

It can also fit a pair of his pants in case the diapers leak.

I boxed the bottom so that it can stand on its own.

We used it when we went pumpkining and it works pretty well. I haven't tried washcloths or something super damp in it yet (like a swimsuit) but plan to soon just to see how waterproof it is since there are seams on the inside.

Happy Monday everyone!

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