Crawling Pants aka Knee Pad Pants

The Bubb is still not walking and everyone tells me I am so lucky that he isn't walking yet but I have to disagree. I need him to walk, he is so heavy and I just can't handle carrying him long distances anymore, not to mention that he is ready to run through the grass, the playground, the store (well he would be in the cart) or walk with me to get the mail, etc. I guess what I am saying is, I am ready, and I know he will get there but I am getting impatient...

The other reason I really want him to walk is that I feel so awful that his knees are all yellow (yes they are bruised) constantly from all the crawling on our hard wood floors. He is not a gentle crawler. I had this idea to make knee pads but just didn't know how to go about it as I didn't want to alter every single pair of pants that he has, or put knee pads on him. SO I decided to just alter two pairs of pants that he won't wear out of the house and turn them into his crawling pants. And yes secretly I am hoping that now I am done making these he will suddenly walk...

Using this tutorial on made as my inspiration, I gathered two pairs of pants that he doesn't wear so much and cut off the cuffed hems - which is probably why I never dressed him in them. We tried them on and marked where The Bubb knees are. I grabbed some scraps of sherpa and cut some ovals for the knee pad part. But it looked sorta plain, so I decided to cut some strips from knit scraps I had and make an X on each one to make them more interesting.

Since my pants are already made, I didn't want to attempt trying to sew them onto the knees as the back of the pant would catch in the sewing machine and it would just be a nightmare. So I cut up the seam of the inside of the leg, attached the knee pads and then sewed the inside of the pant leg back together.

Then we tried them out

I could probably have finished them off a bit better but I am not too worried about fraying as I am hoping that he won't need them for too much longer :)

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  1. Those are so cute! Hopefully he will start walking soon- I bet you will both be very excited!


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