Extending the Life of Your Rotary Mat

Stuck in a rut? (sorry couldn't help that one, lol. Obviously I need more sleep). For me I cut the same dimensions pretty much over and over and over again on my 'self healing' rotary mat - as this makes things much faster/easier for me. And of course this causes ruts to form. The 0 line for instance is so deep it won't be long before I cut entirely through the mat. And there are a few other places that will soon follow.

But the rest of the mat is perfectly good. I tried to just add 1 to all my measurements and just shift my fabric over but after 2 (okay perhaps this should be read 10) mishaps, I realized that my brain wouldn't adjust to the new numbers I always cut at. So, and perhaps this is super obvious to everyone, I realized that I could just put new numbers on my mat with a sharpie and cross out the 0. Now the old "1" now acts as the zero line.

This will probably extend my mat life another month or two, but inevitably I'll have to go out and buy another one. If you do decide to do this, don't forget to adjust the numbers at the top of the mat too. Perhaps I can turn the mat into a painting/coloring mat for The Bubb. Anyway I am off to do some more cutting :)

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