Sick Day

A cold has been going around our house last week :( Evan generously brought it home from work (not that I am placing blame anywhere) but we have agreed that I would get better a lot faster if I would sit in front of the tv and relax instead of working all the time. Sigh. He is right.

Unfortunately The Bubbers also got it :( Which is a first for him as he hasn't been sick before. He is pretty much his usual self, but much more snuggly. And has a ton of boogers. Very gross. He doesn't seem to mind so much although walking quickly or after he gets to the top of the stairs he is sort wheezing from not being able to breathe.

The worst seems to have passed (last Thursday) but I thought I would share our sick day with you. We decided to stay in our pajamas all day (wish I could say that is different than a normal day for me!) and do low key activity things. I asked him what he wanted to do and he went into our bathroom and brought out some nail polish. I haven't painted my nails in front of him before and he really didn't understand what he was getting himself into - as he mostly just likes to look at the bottles of different colors - so of course he brings out black, and yeah not really in a black mood right now so I got him to compromise with me on gray. And yup I painted his nails.

He was totally into it! Held really still and was extremely curious, and waited for them to dry too! What a good boy. Then he watched while I quickly did mine. I only did one of his hands, as I figured that was good enough. Silly boy! But every time he picks up something with his painted hand he kinda looks all bad-ass, but the monkey jams aren't helping that one :)

Then we did some stickering. Wasn't into coloring just the stickers, which is fine.

And then we polished off some oranges as dessert for lunch.

But Evan and Emmett are all better now so that is good news!

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